Friday, June 22, 2007

Edit a Scanned Document for Mac - OCR Software Solutions

I took the liberty of finding some OCR software (optical character recognition software) that will allow you to edit a scanned document if you are using the Mac OSX operating system. If you're new to OCR, OCR software allows you to take a scanned document that you scanned onto your computer (which would result in an image format or maybe even a PDF), and then extract that text in the scanned document into an editable text document.

Here is some OCR software to check out if you are using a Mac computer:


Anonymous said...

Dude, check out TopOCR at This is free OCR software that even works with your digital camera. I just tried it and it's awesome! It has every feature you need.

Anonymous said...

The readiris ocr software link of this post gives the windows version.

This is the link of Readiris Pro 11 Mac: