Tuesday, June 10, 2008

OmniPage 16: Review of the Leading OCR Software Solution by Nuance

Nuance, the creators of OmniPage, introduce a whole new set of features in OmniPage 16 that are sure to help you convert your scanned documents into an editable format. Unlike the professional version of OmniPage, the standard version is aimed at the home, student, or small business user in a very affordable package while retaining all of the features that make OmniPage Professional 16 so great.

Features include:
  • Edit any type of file including digital photos, scanned documents, and PDF files

  • Improved speed by 46% and improved accuracy by 27%

  • All original formatting from the original scanned document is kept the same

  • Microsoft Office 2007 support and Microsoft XPS file support

OmniPage 16 can easily be considered the easiest, most flexbile, and most powerful OCR software solution to use. This product blows all other out of the water easily!

US & Canada - OmniPage 16

Friday, June 06, 2008

OmniPage Trial Downloads: Plus, an OmniPage 16 Review

OmniPage by Nuance is arguably the world's best OCR software. It's the easiest to use, it's powerful, and not to mention, extremely accurate.  Here are some of the features of Nuance's newest version, OmniPage 16.
  • Convert hundreds of original paper documents into documents that can be edited on your PC

  • 99% character recognition accuracy

  • Perfect formatting--you're scanned documents look like the original!

  • Capture text from a digital photo
I highly recommend this for students, home office, and small business users.  Anyone can use this.

OmniPage Trial Downloads

The latest OmniPage trial downloads available are for OmniPage 15.  You can download this trial version here.

OmniPage trial downloads are not yet available for OmniPage 16, but I imagine that they should be in the near future.  However, Nuance does have a variety of video demos available for OmniPage 16 on their website.

My Review

Out of all the other OCR software solutions available, OmniPage 16 is by far the most flexible, easiest, and most powerful to use.  I most love the fact that when I scan a document in OmniPage retains all of my original document's formatting.  Plus, it's only $149.  

My only complaint is the fact that the software can't be used on both PCs and Macs.  I would have to get the Mac version of OmniPage in order to do this. 

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Free OCR programs - Reader suggestion

We all like free.  My hope has been to provide some useful information on this humble blog about how to edit a scanned document and OCR programs.  This includes any word I get about free OCR programs.  After all, OCR programs can be expensive!

A reader left a comment saying:
Dude, check out TopOCR at http://www.topocr.com. This is free OCR software that even works with your digital camera. I just tried it and it's awesome! It has every feature you need.
This program looks pretty slick.  The program is described as "OCR for digital cameras."  The goal of this program is to completely ditch the use of a scanner and use a digital camera. You take a digital photo of your scanned document, run the program, and voila, you got it.  Unfortunately, I can't give it a try because I'm on a Mac, but if anyone gives this a try, write a review up and comment.  I'm curious as to how well this works.  

Also, if anyone has any other free OCR programs that they know of then stick up a comment about it.  Don't be shy.  

Oops! OCR Mac programs

An anonymous poster commented on my last post about OCR programs for Mac drawing attention to the fact that I gave the link to the Windows version for Readris Pro 11 instead of the Mac version!  Oops!  Thank you for whoever pointed this out.

Click here to check out Readris Pro 11 for Mac.

They even allow you to try the program out.  If you are not sure about whether or not you want to make the leap to purchase the OCR program, then give it a try.   

My question for readers is what are you using type of OCR programs are using for Mac?  Post a comment to let everyone know.